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Information for the authors submitting papers to Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Pomorskiej in Słupsk (applies to the journal “Scripta Historica”)

Information for the authors submitting papers to Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Pomorskiej in Słupsk (applies to the journal “Scripta Historica”)

1.The Press accepts only original papers for publishing that have not been published before or submitted to another journal.

2. Accepting a paper for publishing by Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Pomorskiej in Słupsk is tantamount to the transfer of copyrights to the Editorial Department.

3. Papers in a Word format should be submitted by electronic mail to the secretary or chairman of the Editorial Board of “Scripta Historica” or on a virus-free electronic storage device to the office of the Institute of History of Akademia Pomorska in Slupsk (Arciszewskiego 22, 76-200 Słupsk). The fonts to be used throughout the whole paper are: Times New Roman – size 12; footnotes, bibliography - size 10; descriptions of figures and tables – size 9.

The following rules should be followed in the text edition process:

line spacing - 1,5;

left and right margin - 2,5 cm;

consecutive page numbering;

bold font and italics are allowed, but not underlines.

4. Papers should not be longer than 1.5 of an author’s sheet (60,000 characters including spaces).

5. Full-page illustrative material (tables, figures, graphs and charts) should be in separate graphic files. The positioning of an illustration should be marked in the margin of the paper. Smaller tables, figures, graphs and charts may be placed in the text. Tables and figures may not be larger than A3 and the recommended maximum size of figures and tables is 12.5cm x 19 cm. The material cannot be hand drawn. Also, photocopies and Internet materials are not allowed. The submitted
photographs should be original and of good quality, which helps prepare them for print. Photographs stored on electronic devices may be prepared in the size intended for print and at 600 DPI setting (black and white). The illustrative materials should be titled (the number and the title above a table but under a figure and a chart). It is obligatory to write the source of the material or information that it is the author’s own work or work based on other authors’ work under each graphic element. Making use of a borrowed illustrative material requires permission of the copyrights holder in writing. Authors are obliged to submit a permission to use illustrative material and tables from other publications.

6. Graphics in MS Word should be made in a drawing module (not drawn on a page of the document) and if it is made in different software, it should be saved in a separate file in the format of the relevant software (it cannot be saved together with the word processed document):

vector graphics - formats: .bmp, .cdr, (Corel 9.0);

raster graphics - formats: .tif, .jpg.

7. The bibliography should be placed at the end of the paper. All references should be listed in alphabetical order and include: 

the author’s surname and the initials of the names;

the paper’s title (italics) and – if relevant – the subtitle separated from the title with a dot;

imprint (the place and the year of publication).

In the case of referencing articles from journals, the following should be provided:

the author’s surname and the initials of the names;

the paper’s title (italics);

the journal’s title (in inverted commas);

the year of publication, the volume or scientific journal number.

When a paper is written by more than three authors, the title should be the first element of the description and the names of the editor or authors should be put after the title. The titles of papers written in a foreign language and the places of their publication should be written in the original language and the elements of description in non-Latin alphabets should be written according to the principles of transliteration.

8. All footnotes should be placed at the bottom of the page they refer to. The same principles as for references apply, however the initials of the names should be placed first and then the author’s (authors’) surname(s).

9. Quotations should be referenced.

10. Abstracts in Polish or in the language of the article (up to 0.5 page of typescript i.e. about 1000 characters) should be provided for all scientific articles.

11. 3-5 key words should be provided for all scientific articles.

Papers which do not comply with the above requirements will not be accepted by the Press. All doubts concerning the technicalities of preparing papers for print may be clarified with the employees of the Press: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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